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Imran Sheikh

Founding Partner & Chief Executive Officer

Originally from London, Imran Sheikh serves as CEO of Milkshake Concepts and brings a wealth of industry experience from his previous venues and business endeavors. With a varied background spanning hospitality, management consulting and finance, Imran has driven performance and created value throughout his career and has a Bsc in Economics and Management from Royal Holloway, University of London.


James Faller

Founding Partner & Chief Operations Officer

James Faller serves as the COO of Milkshake Concepts and brings nearly twenty years of extensive experience in the food and beverage industry, including tenure with Restaurants Unlimited and Buffalo Wild Wings. James is renowned for his focus on driving sales and above industry standard profitability. He has previously served in the Military with the Oregon Air National Guard.


Asim Sheikh

Founding Partner

Asim Sheikh is responsible for some of Dallas' most prominent nightlife including Zouk, Purgatory and Citizen. With a background in marketing and premiere access to Dallas elite, Sheikh has curated private events, fundraisers and many of the well-known restaurants in the DFW area. Redefining entertainment, Sheikh is known for hosting celebrities, athletes and an affluent mix of tastemakers.